update 2019-01-16
Martina 6Fun in the padding pool
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update 2019-01-13
The pond
The big pond is covered in large areas with algae and water lilies. However this does not really bother Karolina. After she put her feet from the tree trunk into the water, she walks through the plant carpet into the deeper, clearer water of the pond.
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update 2019-01-10
Celina and Lea 1Play ball in the pond
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update 2019-01-07
Jaqueline HD 2011a
It's a windy cool day in late summer, which Jaqueline has chosen for a walk along the lake. Despite the cold weather the water is still very attractive to go inside and Jaqueline can not resist for long. But for a complete bathing between the water lilies it then takes several tries to dive in.
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update 2019-01-04
Fabienne 4With jeans and sweater in the river
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update 2019-01-01
Although spring time has just started, Jasmine is already wearing summer clothes and uses the rising temperatures for her first bath in the pond of the storage reservoir.
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update 2018-12-29
Anouk 1Anouk plays with the rope at the pond.
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update 2018-12-23
Ronja 1Ronja relaxes in the basin of the fountain.
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update 2018-12-20
The small picture set, taken at the weir of the old mill, shows various versions of Lydia's photo theme "umbrella".
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update 2018-12-17
Ina 5Ina gets with jeans and boots in the bathtub.
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update 2018-12-14
Angelika HD 2008a
Angelika visits on a sunny summer day, the lakes of the Rhine. First she steps her boots into the water and enjoys the feeling of becoming gradually wet jeans. Then she goes back out of the water. But it does not take very long until she finally lies completely in the shallow water of the lake and feels really comfortable about it.
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update 2018-12-11
Natalie 6On the stairs of the pool
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update 2018-12-08
Steffi would like to have gone for a swim today, but again the weather looks like rain! Without any swimsuit she walks down to the lake to have at least a sporty walk, before the rain will start. But the rain comes much faster than expected!
59 photos · 1624x1080 · 17,9MB · © 2008download
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