update 2023-09-23
At the mill
Regina walks through the mill stream between big stones and through nice water pools to the edge of the weir. After those flat sections in the stream, now here she has the chance to swim and bathe in the deep water of the mill pond.
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update 2023-09-20
Angelika 6Fun at the stone beach
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update 2023-09-17
Agnes and Antonia HD 2009a
Agnes lets take photos of herself by Antonia. The photo location is the pool area. The two girls try out different poses and Antonia presents her model proudly the results on the camera. However, Agnes is not really impressed by the pictures and throws the camera abruptly into the water! Antonia has to jump in quickly to save the camera out of the water. Now for both girls starts the wet part of their swimming pool visit!
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update 2023-09-14
Angelika 3Swimming fully clothed
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update 2023-09-11
With leather jacked and handbag
For the new surge barrier, a small pond was created at the dam of the Rhine. Surrounded by large stones, the new waters invites for swimming at nearly each time of the year. Suraja stands at late winter time with her leather jacket and handbag on the railing of the weir and imagines how it must be to cross the pond without any bridge.
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update 2023-09-08
Jacky 1Jacky takes a bath on the steps of the river weir.
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update 2023-09-05
Blue jacket
If you want to go to the small island in the pond at the river, without getting wet, you must cross over a long tree, that lies over the water. Lisette accepts the challenge and really lands on the island in try clothes. But then, just for fun, she ends soaking wet in the water of the pond!
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update 2023-09-02
Christina 1Flood at river Rhine
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update 2023-08-30
Maria and Aline HD 2011a
Maria and Aline decide together to jump fully clothed in the pool, but Maria stops at the last moment and so Aline lands in the water alone. Maria enjoys this. She likes to stay dry. When Aline puts on her jacket to warm up, Maria has compassion and finally she agrees to go into the water too, so that the two girls walk together via the pool stairs slowly into the water.
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update 2023-08-27
Silke 1Silke takes a swim in the pond.
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update 2023-08-24
Christina, DVD 2009b
The river is in flood and Cristina discovers that the trail is flooded too. Of course this can not stop her to continue her tour and she passes comfortably through the water until it becomes so deep that swimming is the only way to get through.
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update 2023-08-21
Steffi 2Steffi in the water at the dam.
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update 2023-08-18
Bathing time at the swimming pool: Zina wears a pink top and dark blue pants and she steps with all of it fully clothed into the water.
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update 2023-08-15
Angie 7Relaxing in the bathtub
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