update 2019-03-20
Sonja, DVD 2009b
The bathtub is full and ready for the start of Sonja's first wetlook adventure. With her long skirt, sweater, tights and a straw hat, Sonja goes slowly into the water and she enjoys to get slightly wet and wetter.
29 photos, 40 video captures · 980x650, 980x550 · 4,2MB · © 2011download
update 2019-03-17
Fabienne 2Fabienne washes her pants in the river.
DivX · 1280x720 · 85sec · 97MBdownload
update 2019-03-14
Leisure time
Steffi sits in her leisure look at the pool and begins to play in the water with hands and feet. Easier than expected, she can be persuaded to wet first her jeans and little later to drench the entire clothing on the steps of the pool. This photo set was not planned and created spontaneously as a small snapshot series in the holiday pool house.
123 photos · 1624x1080 · 9,6MB · © 2013download
update 2019-03-11
Christina 1Flood at river Rhine
DivX · 1280x720 · 73sec · 84MBdownload
update 2019-03-08
Jenny HD 2009a
The bathtub is full, and Jenny looks forward to a pleasant swim in full clothes. With jeans and shoes she sits down comfortably in the water. Then step by step she sinks deeper and soaks her sweater and her hair in the warm bubble bath.
DivX · 20min · 1280x720 · 10MBit/s · 1,3GBdownload
update 2019-03-05
Lydia 1Lydia at the beach
DivX · 1280x720 · 86sec · 97MBdownload
update 2019-03-02
Indoor pool
Antonia has the swimming pool for herself today. She uses the opportunity for bathing and splashing in complete clothes.
195 photos · 1624x1080 · 43,8MB · © 2019download
update 2019-02-27
July and Lily 1July and Lily try to cross the river on an air mattress.
DivX · 1280x720 · 231sec · 266MBdownload
update 2019-02-24
Sarah and Vany, DVD 2011a
The dam between the Rhine islands is flooded. Sarah and Vany must walk through the water. After shoes and pants are still wet, Vany suddenly stops and sits down in the water. Now Sarah can’t hang back, she sits in the water too and then rolls into the river, until she has to begin to swim in full clothes.
40 video captures · 980x550 · 3,4MB · © 2012download
update 2019-02-21
Maria 1Maria swims in the pool with clothes and jacket.
DivX · 1280x720 · 67sec · 78MBdownload
update 2019-02-18
It has become autumn. The Rhine beach is deserted. Only the swans are pleased with the new silence. Sonja checks the water temperature and decides for a last swim at the end of the season.
104 photos · 1624x1080 · 2,6MB · © 2015download
update 2019-02-15
Lydia 3With jeans and pullover at the beach
DivX · 1280x720 · 104sec · 117MBdownload
update 2019-02-12
Agnes and Antonia HD 2009a
Agnes lets take photos of herself by Antonia. The photo location is the pool area. The two girls try out different poses and Antonia presents her model proudly the results on the camera. However, Agnes is not really impressed by the pictures and throws the camera abruptly into the water! Antonia has to jump in quickly to save the camera out of the water. Now for both girls starts the wet part of their swimming pool visit!
DivX · 18min · 1280x720 · 10MBit/s · 1,2GBdownload
update 2019-02-09
Beate 3Getting up after the bathing in the pool
DivX · 1280x720 · 84sec · 97MBdownload
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