update 2021-01-21
Lisette 1Lisette gets into the muddy water of the water lily pond, still wearing her blue jacket and all clothes.
DivX · 1280x720 · 275sec · 335MBdownload
update 2021-01-18
Sonja is looking forward to her bubble bath. With short jeans, sweater and tights she gets into the bathtub.
134 photos · 1624x1080 · 26,2MB · © 2014download
update 2021-01-15
Jenny 3Jenny in the bathtub
DivX · 1280x720 · 85sec · 98MBdownload
update 2021-01-12
Maria and Aline HD 2011a
Maria and Aline decide together to jump fully clothed in the pool, but Maria stops at the last moment and so Aline lands in the water alone. Maria enjoys this. She likes to stay dry. When Aline puts on her jacket to warm up, Maria has compassion and finally she agrees to go into the water too, so that the two girls walk together via the pool stairs slowly into the water.
DivX · 20min · 1280x720 · 10MBit/s · 1,4GBdownload
update 2021-01-09
Anne and Jay-Jay 2Anne and Jay-Jay's trip on the floating matress ends in the water!
DivX · 1280x720 · 90sec · 105MBdownload
update 2021-01-06
Angelika, DVD 2008a
Angelika visits on a sunny summer day, the lakes of the Rhine. First she steps her boots into the water and enjoys the feeling of becoming gradually wet jeans. Then she goes back out of the water. But it does not take very long until she finally lies completely in the shallow water of the lake and feels really comfortable about it.
66 photos, 58 captures · 980x650, 980x550 · 14MB · © 2009download
update 2021-01-03
Agnes and Antonia 1Water battle in the pool
DivX · 1280x720 · 72sec · 84MBdownload
update 2020-12-31
At the pool
Surajas second wetlook adventure takes place at the indoor pool. In white clothes, with boots and sweater, she gets down the stairs very carefully and enjoys the soaking of her clothes in the pool.
236 photos · 1624x1080 · 49,3MB · © 2014download
update 2020-12-28
Agnes and Antonia 3Evening fun in the pool
DivX · 1280x720 · 87sec · 100MBdownload
update 2020-12-25
Fabienne HD 2009a
Fabienne is on an adventure trip. From the large suspension bridge she follows the path to the long mud pit, where Fabienne dips her jeans down to the thighs in the soft mud. Going through the moat she continues her trip to the river ford, where she takes the opportunity to wash out the mud of her clothes and start an enjoyable swim in the water of the river.
DivX · 17min · 1280x720 · 10MBit/s · 1,1GMBdownload
update 2020-12-22
Emely 1Emely gets into the basin of the spa to take a swim.
DivX · 1280x720 · 102sec · 118MBdownload
update 2020-12-19
Evening at the pool
Christina is ready for the evening. With her black dress and high boots, she would fit very well to any party or club. But tonight she doesn’t go to the city. Tonight she goes to the pool and takes a fully clothed swim with her perfect outfit in the warm water of the pool!
157 photos · 1624x1080 · 31,9MB · © 2013download
update 2020-12-16
Daniela 1Daniela goes swimming, fully dressed and still wearing her winter jacket.
DivX · 1280x720 · 247sec · 285MBdownload
update 2020-12-13
Natalie, DVD 2009a
Right at the beginning of the film Natalie sits fully clothed in the bath tub: jeans, sweaters, boots and all of it is well wet. She really enjoys to lie in the warm water up to her neck, to dive in and relax. Then she washes her long hair and showers the foam out of her clothes before leaving the tub.
53 video captures · 980x550 · 2,7MB · © 2010download
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