update 2021-07-26
Natalie 6On the stairs of the pool
DivX · 1280x720 · 135sec · 158MBdownload
update 2021-07-23
The color purple
Black and purple are the dominant colors of the fourth photo set of Verena. The shallow water of the ponds close to the River is useful to test the black clothes and purple boots for a swim. Verena goes into the water and there she has a lot of fun.
148 photos · 1624x1080 · 42,1MB · © 2012download
update 2021-07-20
Christina 1Christina jumps into the pool, swims a little bit and climbs completely soaked out of the water.
DivX · 1280x720 · 132sec · 148MBdownload
update 2021-07-17
After the rain
Even after the heaviest rain, someday the sun comes back again. Steffi’s clothes are hardly dry again. Time to enjoy the much better weather now and take a walk into the lily pond!
142 photos · 1624x1080 · 37,3MB · © 2008download
update 2021-07-14
Lisette 4Lisette lies down in the water.
DivX · 1280x720 · 105sec · 121MBdownload
update 2021-07-11
Ronja HD 2012a
The fountain complex in the city does not bubble today, but the filled basins invite to take a spontaneous bath. Ronja walks through all of the basins, lays down into the water and makes herself really wet in the fountain.
DivX · 20min · 1280x720 · 10MBit/s · 1,3GBdownload
update 2021-07-08
Sarah und Vany 2Sarah und Vany am Rhein
DivX · 1280x720 · 55sec · 63MBdownload
update 2021-07-05
Martina, DVD 2008b
Martina explores the lakes close to the Rhine near Bingen. Divided by the stone dams, those lakes offer a fantastic swimming paradise, which only waits for a lonely lady to jump into the water.
40 photos, 59 video captures · 980x650, 980x550 · 9,7MB · © 2009download
update 2021-07-02
Natalie 3Natalie in the bathtub
DivX · 1280x720 · 116sec · 126MBdownload
update 2021-06-29
Hot shower
Iris treats herself a fully clothed hot shower. With shoes, white pants, white top and black blazer, she wets amd washes everything and she doesn't stop before it is all really clean again.
122 photos · 1624x1080 · 11,2MB · © 2013download
update 2021-06-26
Annina and Martina 1Dancing in the pond
DivX · 1280x720 · 81sec · 93MBdownload
update 2021-06-23
Martina HD 2009a
Martina has placed the padding pool on the terrace and filled it with warm water and bath foam. With boots and all clothes she enjoys a fantastic bathing session in the foamy water, not getting out before everything is completely soaked!
DivX · 12min · 1280x720 · 10MBit/s · 791MBdownload
update 2021-06-20
Martina 3Come out and jump in!
DivX · 1280x720 · 86sec · 100MBdownload
update 2021-06-17
A new bathing fun in the pool: Jannice wears a yellow shirt with jeans and a black blazer. This time she first sits down into the flat water on the pool stairs to soak her pants only. Then she goes one step deeper and finally she steps slowly completely into the pool.
187 photos · 1624x1080 · 39,8MB · © 2012download
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