update 2020-08-07
Fabienne, SVCD 2004b
There are some good waves at the beach today. Fabienne plays with the force of the water and lets herself be floated and rolled over by the waves. The video corresponds to the film of the same name on SVCD 2004b and is a short version of the DVD film.
DivX · 640x480 · 5:14min · 51,5MBdownload
update 2020-08-03
Claudia and Nicola II
At late night Nicola persuades Claudia to follow her fully clothed in the pool. By this, for both girls starts a bathing time full of harmony and fun.
90 photos · 980x650 · 10,1MB · © 2008download
update 2020-07-31
Cara, DVD 2006a
Cara is at the pool area late in the evening and she looks forward to have a bath in all her clothes. Dressed in jeans jacket, trousers, sweater and boots she gets step by step very slowly in the pool. She really enjoys each centimetre she gets deeper into the water. After this great bathing session, she goes in the shower room to do a fully clothed hair washing!
20 photos, 52 captures · 980x650, 460x345 · 4,0MB · © 2006download
update 2020-07-27
canoe trip
Marina sails with her red canoe to one of the Rhine islands. Clear water, a lonely beach, the island looks like a perfect place for an entirely undisturbed bathing fun!
150 photos · 980x650 · 19,4MB · © 2008download
update 2020-07-23
Underwater Fun 9
In three scenes we can see Bettina, Beate, Nury and Judith having good fun under the waters surface. The video is available in this form as a cinema online film only.
DivX · 640x480 · 7:14min · 72,6MBdownload
update 2020-07-19
Air mattress
At the late evening hour, Michelle would like to have some fun on the air mattress in the pool. That’s what she does.
105 photos · 980x650 · 11,8MB · © 2008download
update 2020-07-16
Photosession Nadine, DVD 2003b
Photosession Nadine shows the history of Nadine’s first wetlook gallery. Filmed by her friend Sara, Nadine steps into the water of a lake, observed by some amazed children and other swimmers.
52 captures · 460x345 · 1,9MB · © 2003download
update 2020-07-12
High water level
After the long rain period, the water level of river Rhine has rose strongly. The forest near the river has changed into a lake and only the trees stand out of the water. A very nice playground for climbing, walking and to take a funny bath!
120 photos · 980x650 · 14,7MB · © 2006download
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