update 2023-09-24
The swimming tire
Alice would like to reach the swimming tire, which floats lonely in the pool. This can only succeed if she feels able to balance along the small window step at the side of the pool. There she could reach the tire. If this action will probably succeed?
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update 2023-09-20
Michaela, SVCD 2005b
Michaela tries to drive on a wooden stump in the river. Unfortunately balancing on this stump is much more difficult than Michaela originally thought! The video corresponds to the film of the same name on SVCD 2005b and is a short version of the DVD film.
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update 2023-09-16
Welcome sunshine
The first really warm days of the summer have already warmed up the water of the river. We follow Sabrina on her trip along the river to the mill dam, where small waterfalls, stairways and pools invite to have a good wet summer time.
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update 2023-09-13
Photosession Stephanie, DVD 2003a
Photosession Stephanie shows the history of Stephanie's first wetlook gallery. Filmed by her friend Waleria, we see in the video captures all the small gestures and reactions which make this natural and playful wet girl really unique.
35 captures · 460x345 · 1,2MB · © 2003download
update 2023-09-09
Back to river Mosel
Nadine returns to the Moselle. Remembering the summer of 2005, again she visits the beach at the steepest vineyard in Europe, the Calmont!
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update 2023-09-05
Fabienne, SVCD 2004b
There are some good waves at the beach today. Fabienne plays with the force of the water and lets herself be floated and rolled over by the waves. The video corresponds to the film of the same name on SVCD 2004b and is a short version of the DVD film.
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update 2023-09-01
River Nahe
A beautiful summer day at river Nahe: Nicole walks on the suspension bridge to the ford to cross the river. After her skirt has been soaked, Nicole finds favour of the wet clothes and moves on to the stone beach to get into the water deeper!
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update 2023-08-29
Jasmin, DVD 2005b
It is late evening and Jasmin has the indoor swimming pool only for herself. By the complex lighting the pool area appears in a mysterious gloss. Especially the underwater scenery shows thousands of bright bubbles and reflections. Follow Jasmin through the shower into the pool and under the water surface and let yourself be fascinated by the combination of light, water, clothes and a mysteriously beautiful girl.
36 photos, 50 captures · 980x650, 460x345 · 5,5MB · © 2005download
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