update 2019-01-16
Marina, SVCD 2007b
Marina takes a funny bath in the river, fully clothed in denim! The video corresponds to the film of the same name on SVCD 2007b and is a short version of the DVD film.
DivX · 640x480 · 6:14min · 62,7MBdownload
update 2019-01-12
The air cushion
Combining a black tire and a blue pillow, Nadine has built a small floating island, with which she drives trough the pool. Naturally the whole thing ends in the water and Nadine shows how much fun it is to have a fully clothed swim.
109 photos · 980x650 · 13,6MB · © 2004download
update 2019-01-09
Jasmin, DVD 2005a
Jasmin presents her winter wetlook debut in the warm indoor swimming pool. Wearing her high boots, camouflage trousers and black blouse, she gets very slowly into the water. Especially her boots has been observed very detailed by our camera. Being in the water, the rest is only fun. Jasmin swims, floats on the air mattress and enjoys the warm water on the steps of the pool stairway.
22 photos, 40 captures · 980x650, 460x345 · 3,6MB · © 2004download
update 2019-01-05
Rainy day
It looks like it is not the best day for a trip into the forest. A short time after Marina's arrival, it begins to rain. But for someone who loves the water like Marina does, a little bit rain is no reason to turn back!
131 photos · 980x650 · 15,9MB · © 2006download
update 2019-01-01
Underwater Fun 9
In three scenes we can see Bettina, Beate, Nury and Judith having good fun under the waters surface. The video is available in this form as a cinema online film only.
DivX · 640x480 · 7:14min · 72,6MBdownload
update 2018-12-28
Katharina, River Mosel (II)
Katharina loves river Mosel and she loves swimming in it. Today she has gone to a very lonely place in the side area of the river. Only the entrance between the reed is a bit difficult to access.
54 photos · 980x650 · 4,3MB · © 2001download
update 2018-12-25
Nancy, DVD 2006b
Nancy knows what she wants: driving over the pool with the swimming tire and become wetter and wetter very slowly! Clothed in jeans, blouse, jacket and shoes she gets carefully into the tire. After a longer period of driving around, when she is nearly completely soaked, she leaves the tire and enjoys getting into the warm water of the pool.
54 video captures · 460x345 · 1,8MB · © 2006download
update 2018-12-21
Evening sun in the indoor pool
The late evening sun gives the indoor pool area a pleasant warm lightning. Cara wants to enjoy her very first wetlook adventure this evening. Step by step she enters the pool very slowly to get completely into the warm water.
113 photos · 980x650 · 10,7MB · © 2006download
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