update 2021-10-27
Nach dem Regen
Even after the heaviest rain, someday the sun comes back again. Steffi’s clothes are hardly dry again. Time to enjoy the much better weather now and take a walk into the lily pond!
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update 2021-10-24
River Mosel, DVD Nadine 2005
Nadine drives with the car through the Mosel valley. Her destination is the sand beach at the old monastery ruin, directly in relation of the "Calmont", the steepest and most well-known vineyard of Mosel. But Nadine is not so much interested in the vineyard, but rather in the pleasantly warm water of the Mosel, which invites to a water walk along the bend of the sand beach.
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update 2021-10-20
Michelle sits in her streetclothes in the private pool hall and quickly comes up with the idea of getting some wet feet deliberately. Of course this ends completely in the water, with sweater, jeans and sports shoes.
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update 2021-10-16
Photosession Waleria, SVCD 2003a
Photosession Waleria shows the making of Waleria's Poolparty gallery. Filmed by Stephanie she steps in her evening dress into the pool. The video corresponds to the film of the same name on SVCD 2003a and is a short version of the DVD film.
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update 2021-10-12
Binger Loch
Dressed in Jeans, sport shoes, sweatshirt and jeans jacket, Silvie visits the so-called ?Binger Loch?, a famous location at river Rhine, which has beside three castles and the mouse tower, many small lakes and islands in the area around it. No question that this is a good location to take a fully clothed bath!
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update 2021-10-09
Bettina and Elena, DVD 2006a
Next night our swimming pool has some visitors again. This time Bettina and Elena wants to go bathing together. It is an evening that really offers everything what two wetlook inspired girls can dream of: Swimming, diving, jumping, a lazy time, some splashing and much fun! And in all those activities you can really see the true enthusiasm of those two wetlook girls.
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update 2021-10-05
The lake in the forest
Nadine's trip to the lake in the forest is characterized by rainy weather. The sky is cloudy but it is quite warm. Looks like it doesn’t disturb, when during the bathing session it suddenly starts to rain.
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update 2021-10-01
Underwater Fun 1
Underwater Fun 1 is our first movie, which shows excluding underwater film sequences. Scenes from the DVD movies of Nicole, Sabrina, Sara and Nadine show how much fun you can have under the water surface. The video is available in this form only as cinema online film.
DivX · 640x480 · 5:28min · 53,9MBdownload
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