update 2022-10-04
Photosession Darinka, DVD 2006b
Darinka has come to a photo session to the stone dam in the Nahe valley. Despite the rain and cold water, Darinka proves that photo work can make some real fun. The film shows in many details which things can happen during an outdoor wetlook photo session at the dam.
48 captures · 460x345 · 1,9MB · © 2006download
update 2022-09-30
At the mill dam
The beautiful summer day is perfect for a relaxed afternoon on the River. Angelika lies on the lawn in front of the mill and looks at the stone wall, which dammed the river. Looks like this dam is a really good place for a little fun in the water!
316 photos · 980x650 · 42,8MB · © 2009download
update 2022-09-26
Marina, SVCD 2007b
Marina takes a funny bath in the river, fully clothed in denim! The video corresponds to the film of the same name on SVCD 2007b and is a short version of the DVD film.
DivX · 640x480 · 6:14min · 62,7MBdownload
update 2022-09-22
canoe trip
Tina has bought a red canoe. The first test run goes into the forest at the bank of the Rhein, where you can visit many small islands and lonely beaches by using the boat. In a small bay Tina goes on land and starts to explore the island lying in front of her ...
151 photos · 980x650 · 11,6MB · © 2006download
update 2022-09-19
Photosession Nadine, DVD 2003b
Photosession Nadine shows the history of Nadine’s first wetlook gallery. Filmed by her friend Sara, Nadine steps into the water of a lake, observed by some amazed children and other swimmers.
52 captures · 460x345 · 1,9MB · © 2003download
update 2022-09-15
Hair washing
For Jenny it's time to wash her hair. But first she takes a nice shower, dressed in jeans, sweater and shoes. Jenny plays with the shower and enjoys the warm water before she starts to foam her hair and her dress completely.
49 photos · 980x650 · 3,8MB · © 2002download
update 2022-09-11
Cara, SVCD 2006b
Cara is at the pool area late in the evening and she looks forward to have a bath in all her clothes. Dressed in jeans jacket, trousers, sweater and boots she gets slowly into pool. The video corresponds to the film of the same name on SVCD 2006b and is a short version of the DVD film.
DivX · 640x480 · 5:54min · 58,1MBdownload
update 2022-09-07
At the river
Marina uses the good weather of the late summer for a trip to the Rhine. In her completely black outfit she enjoys a nice bathing in one of the lakes directly on the banks of the river.
117 photos · 980x650 · 12,1MB · © 2008download
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