update 2023-12-03
Sascia, SVCD 2007a
Sascia takes her first fully clothed bath. With the swimming tire and on the stair of the pool, she enjoys the feeling of the wet clothes and shoes. The video corresponds to the film of the same name on SVCD 2007a and is a short version of the DVD film.
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update 2023-11-29
Indoor pool in the night
At late evening, the indoor pool is unused, Nicole is alone. Dressed in black trousers and a white blouse she steps very carefully, step by step into the deep blue clear water.
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update 2023-11-26
Sascia, DVD 2006b
Sascia takes her first fully clothed bath. In the brand new indoor swimming pool she slowly steps down the pool stairs and enjoys the contact of boots, trousers and sweater with the warm water. Being in the water, she shows the whole fun in exciting underwater scenes, swimming and diving in shoes and full clothes.
26 photos, 56 captures · 980x650, 460x345 · 3,9MB · © 2006download
update 2023-11-22
On a hot sunny day, the fountain in the city offers a nice refreshment. Marina gets slowly into the water of the shallow pool to step to the large fountain in the middle of the basin.
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update 2023-11-18
Steffi, SVCD 2008b
A quiet afternoon in the pool: Steffi enjoys her free time while swimming and bathing in the warm water of the private pool. The video corresponds to the film of the same name on SVCD 2008b and is a short version of the DVD film.
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update 2023-11-14
Rainy day
It looks like it is not the best day for a trip into the forest. A short time after Marina's arrival, it begins to rain. But for someone who loves the water like Marina does, a little bit rain is no reason to turn back!
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update 2023-11-11
Washing Nadine, DVD 2005a
Using the garden hose guaranties soaking wet action. Nadine gets washed wearing her jeans dress including a white jacked. You can really see it in her motions and you can hear it, that the water temperature must be very low!
27 captures · 460x345 · 1,0MB · © 2004download
update 2023-11-07
A new day
After everything has dried, Nici continues her adventure tour the next day. This time she goes to the river dam. With the small pools and the waterfalls it promises much variety and fun.
50 photos · 980x650 · 5,9MB · © 2004download
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