update 2021-09-20
Adriana and Monika
It's late evening time at the pool. Adriana and Monika like to pose for some snapshots photos with two colourful swimming accessories. Clothed in jeans and shirts they test some different photo positions outside and inside the pool.
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update 2021-09-16
Nici, SVCD 2003b
Nici is on an adventure tour. Although there are some ropes and a suspension bridge, she decides to cross the river by swimming. And she has much fun thereby. The video corresponds to the film of the same name on SVCD 2003b and is a short version of the DVD film.
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update 2021-09-12
River Nahe
A beautiful summer day at river Nahe: Nicole walks on the suspension bridge to the ford to cross the river. After her skirt has been soaked, Nicole finds favour of the wet clothes and moves on to the stone beach to get into the water deeper!
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update 2021-09-09
Photosession Nadine, DVD 2003b
Photosession Nadine shows the history of Nadine’s first wetlook gallery. Filmed by her friend Sara, Nadine steps into the water of a lake, observed by some amazed children and other swimmers.
52 captures · 460x345 · 1,9MB · © 2003download
update 2021-09-05
Sarah and Kira
Kira is Sarah's favourite, a good-natured dogs lady. On a long walk the two ladies cross the mill dam of the river. Kira loves the water, Sarah loves the water, everything else is created by itself. The result can be seen in our gallery.
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update 2021-09-01
Nadine - bath tub, SVCD 2007b
Nadine gets in sweater, trousers and socks into the bath tub to take a warm fully clothed bath! The video corresponds to the film of the same name on SVCD 2007b and is a short version of the DVD film.
DivX · 640x480 · 6:13min · 62,5MBdownload
update 2021-08-28
Hot springs
Also at the second trip to the Crucenia spa, Waleria will get very wet again. Today, the hot water basin will be tried. The waterfall and the steaming fountains are really irresistible.
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update 2021-08-25
Sascia, DVD 2006b
Sascia takes her first fully clothed bath. In the brand new indoor swimming pool she slowly steps down the pool stairs and enjoys the contact of boots, trousers and sweater with the warm water. Being in the water, she shows the whole fun in exciting underwater scenes, swimming and diving in shoes and full clothes.
26 photos, 56 captures · 980x650, 460x345 · 3,9MB · © 2006download
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